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岳喜山,谢宗蕻,徐文豪.TC4/30CrMnSiNi2A钎焊接头组织与力学性能分析[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(9):3035~3040.[Yue Xishan,Xie Zonghong and Xu Wenhao.Microstructure and mechanical property of TC4/30CrMnSiNi2A dissimilar materials brazed joints[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(9):3035~3040.]
Microstructure and mechanical property of TC4/30CrMnSiNi2A dissimilar materials brazed joints
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Received:April 10, 2018??Revised:May 18, 2018
Key words:?TC4 titanium??alloy, 30CrMnSiNi2 ultra-high??strength steel, brazing, microstructure, mechanical??property
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Yue Xishan,Xie Zonghong and Xu Wenhao??
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??????TC4 titanium alloy was brazed to 30CrMnSiNi2A ultra-high strength steel by Ti-37.5Zr-15Cu-10Ni and Ag-Cu28 brazing filler metals respectively. Microstructure and mechanical property of both brazed joints were analyzed comparatively. Results show that Ag-Cu28 brazed interface is composed of Ag(s,s) and intermetallic compounds in Ti-Cu system. Ag-Cu28 brazed joint has relatively high shear strength due to the exisitence of Ag based solid solution and the shear fracture shows the characteristics of ductile fracture. Ti-37.5Zr-15Cu-10Ni brazed interface consists of Ti-Zr solid solution and solidified brazing filler metals, which lead to the low hear strength of brazed joint. The shear fracture of Ti-37.5Zr-15Cu-10Ni brazed joint shows the characteristics of brittle fracture. Compared with Ti-based brazing filler metal, Ag-based brazing filler metal is suitable for brazing TC4 titanium / 30CrMnSiNi2A ultra-high strength steel dissimilar materials. Sound brazed joints with the shear strength of 125.52MPa can be attained at the brazing temperature of 830℃ with the bolding time of 15 min by Ag-Cu28 brazing filler metals.